Ukrainian Day in the Park 2012

Ukrainian Day in the Park presented a diverse cultural program featuring Ukrainian talent from Manitoba. The event attracted upwards of 3,000 + people and showcased our culture, specifically dance, music, costume and food. Ukrainian Day in the Park was an all day event which spanned 8 hours (from 2pm – 10pm).

The grand stage included performances of singers, dancers and musicians are from around Manitoba. Both traditional and contemporary dances and music were offered. There was a separate zabava (dance) with a DJ which gave the audience a chance to
participate by dancing. The addition of traditional food offered guests the ability
to taste the Ukrainian culture. Traditional foods that were offered included:

  • Borscht (beet soup)
  • Kolbasa
  • Varenyky (Perogies)

Much of the success of this event can be contributed to having diverse cultural groups which danced, sang and performed; the ability of viewers to come and go as they please; the duration of the event; and the cost.