Covering or uncovering the truth? Media reporting on the Holodomor

Speakers: Jaroslaw Balan, Canadian Institute for Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta

Dr. Jeremy Maron, CMHR researcher-curator


February 4th, 2015

7:00 to 8:30 pm

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Bonnie & John Buhler Hall

Media coverage has the power to break silence around genocide and mass atrocity,

but can also help cover up the truth.

Join us for a free public event focused on the role of journalists (including those in Canada) who covered the Ukrainian Holodomor famine-genocide in the 1930s — and how these human rights issues continue today.

The event includes a screening of the CMHR film, ”Covering the Holodomor: Memory Eternal” ,a panel discussion, and the first Canadian showing of a new travelling exhibit from the national Holodomor Memorial Museum in Ukraine, courtesy of Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Manitoba Provincial Council.

Presented by the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and the Ukrainian Canadian Congress- Manitoba Provincial Council, Holodomor Awareness and Education Committee.

With special thanks to Ukraine’s National Museum, “The Memorial in Commemoration of Famines’ Victims in Ukraine”.

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