Bitter Harvest film showing times in Winnipeg

Bitter Harvest film showing times in Winnipeg

Cineplex Odeon McGillivray and VIP
2190 McGillivray Boulevard Winnipeg

Bitter Harvest
Drama | 1h 43m

Fri, Mar 3: 4:25pm 7:10pm 9:55pm
Sat, Mar 4: 1:30pm 4:25pm 7:10pm 9:55pm
Sun, Mar 5: 2:00pm 4:25pm 7:10pm 9:55pm
Mon, Mar 6: 7:10pm 9:55pm
Tue, Mar 7: 4:25pm 7:10pm 9:55pm
Wed, Mar 8: 7:10pm 9:55pm
Thu, Mar 9: 7:10pm 9:55pm


Learn about Holodomor by watching this video:

Holodomor: Stalin’s Secret Genocide

An estimated ten million Ukrainians died in the early 1930s in a genocide known as Holodomor. Find out more about the incident that inspired the film Bitter Harvest.

Posted by Bitter Harvest on Friday, November 25, 2016

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